Software Engineering

Eucleo has led many engineering projects for DARPA starting in 2010 including in-theater creation of handheld mobile solutions. 50 DARPA sponsored applications were created by Eucleo and 125 DARPA sponsored applications are currently supported by Eucleo. On-site software engineering support for operations in Afghanistan were provided in 2011 and 2012. Eucleo provides IT support for engineering teams including management of source control systems, continuous integration systems, and software distribution systems.

Eucleo engineers have an in-depth understanding of development with many software technologies, operating systems, and programming languages including the Android mobile operating system and the Java, Javascript, C/C++, and Python programming languages.

Operations Support and Software Maintenance

While Eucleo specializes in software creation, we also have deep experience taking over maintenance of legacy systems and supporting on-going operations. You can count on Eucleo to ensure that your solution is performing and continues to perform at its highest quality.

On Site Customer Support

Eucleo is based out of Northern Virginia, and can provide immediate support to the entire Washington D.C. Metropolitan Area as well as on-site support world-wide. From being embedded with an Army Squad in Afghanistan, to 24/7 support of a real-time system, Eucleo is there.